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VaranasiWalks strives to create an immersive experience while educating and interacting with the guest in a unique geo-sacred local environment of cultural & religious activities.

VaranasiWalks staff are local residents and intrepid folklore specialists who have a knack for discovering offbeat routes, stories and sites of interest to the first-time guest as well as the return traveller.

We have also developed a variety of activities from village visits to yoga at sacred sites. 

Forest of Bliss is the one you want for a full day or multi day Varanasi experience with great discounts.

Boat Journeys

We have 3 classic Boat Rides to explore the city. Morning, Daytime & Evening.

Each one is 2 - 2.5hrs and includes a short walk around a sacred site.

Discounted group & full day private tours can also be booked below



Morning Sunrise Journey



Morning Sunrise Journey


The Subah, or morning, is for Banaras! Get up at the crack of dawn with us for this amazing boat journey.


Daily Discounted Tours:

Different each day!


Daily Discounted Tours

Daily Discounted Tours

We have a number of different tours on different days that are discounted.

Come by our office and sign up with a small deposit. Each day has a different theme.

Ganga’s Aarti

Evening Sunset Ceremony


Ganga’s Aarti Evening Sunset Ceremony


Catch an early evening boat ride with us experiencing the evening worship of the river, called Ganga Aarti.


Special Places & Excursions:

Sarnath Buddhist Pilgrimage!


Sarnath Buddhist Pilgrimage

Sarnath Buddhist Pilgrimage

Get some fresh air 10km outside the city with us at the ruins of Sarnath, where the Buddha met his five disciples and gave his first sermon!

Located in Special Places!

Behti Ganga Flowing River

Daytime Cruise


Behti Ganga Daytime River Cruise


Riverside life and ritual ambles on throughout the day. Take a cruise on Behti Ganga, the flowing river.


Forest of Bliss:

Full Day & Multi-day Tours!


Forest of Bliss

Full Day Tours

Book Forest of Bliss for 3 - 4 tours per day with discounts for your private tour.

Choose any combination of boat rides, walking tours, special places and/or yoga!

Walking & Rickshaw Tours

We have many amazing Walking & Rickshaw Tours to explore the sacred city of Banaras.

Each one lasts 2.5 - 3 hours or choose a daily discounted tour!


Daily Discounted Tours

From Assi


Daily Discounted Tours from Assi

Walking & Boat Tour

We offer various group tours daily. Different ones every day. Swing by our office to reserve a spot!


City of Light


City of Light

Walking Tour

Beginning at the holy centre of Kashi, the City of Light, we explore the temples & markets in the middle of the old city.


Banaras Streetfood

& Jalpaan


Banaras Streetfood & Jalpaan


Combining areas of City of Light & Northern Bazaars, this small-plate street food tour samples traditional jalpaan, snacks and light dishes.


Unseen Interiors


Unseen Courtyards & Interiors

Walking Tour

Far away from the riverside we visit old residential areas, smoky temples & traditional shops in these unseen middle of the city interiors.

Southern Temples &

Sacred Ponds


Southern Temples

& Sacred Ponds

Walking Tour

A walk through the mystical landscape of temples & ponds near Assi Ghat, the southern area of the sacred city.


The Far North


The Far North

Walking Tour

Head far north along the Ganga river with us, past the old British riverside fort and deep into the oldest of the old city.


Northern Bazaars

& Hidden Alleys


Northern Bazaars &

Hidden Alleys

Walking Tour

Few tourists can find their way through the maze of markets and hidden alleys deep in the spidery lanes of the old city.


Pilgrim’s Riverside Lanes


Pilgrim’s Riverside Lanes

Walking Tour

Winding our way through the pilgrim lanes, you will be popping in and out of the alleys to riverside vistas for glimpses of the Ganga river.


Death & Rebirth

in Banaras




Rebirth in Banaras


Death & Rebirth is the ‘best of Banaras’ tour for sites & stories. Originally our 7:30pm Night Walk. Now Anytime!


Divine Devi Sacred Goddess


Divine Devi Sacred Goddess


Explore the sacred feminine! From pond to temple, the divine Devi reigns supreme in Banaras streets, festivals & riverside.


Varanasi Artisans

& Weavers


Varanasi Artisans & Weavers


We visit the Banarasi sari weavers, hard at work on their traditional looms, then to lacquered wood toy makers!


Forest of Bliss


Forest of Bliss

Full Day Tours

Book Forest of Bliss for 3 - 4 tours per day with discounts. Choose any combination of boat rides, walking tours, special places and/or yoga!

Special Places & Excursions

Journey with us to fantastic special places by vehicle for a full day adventure outside the city or a shorter excursion nearby.


Village of the Gods


Village of

the Gods

10 hr Tour by Vehicle

Drive with us 3 hrs outside the city to the ancient village shrines of Vindhyachal & visit the rarely seen Mirzapur ghats nearby.


The Sacred Circle:

Panchkoshi Yatra


The Sacred Circle: Panchkosi Yatra

6 hr Tour by Vehicle

Circle the city in the Varanasi pilgrimage experience and visit marvelous ancient temples near the city that you would never see otherwise!

Fortress of the Rajas


Fortress of

the Rajas

6 hr Tour by Vehicle

Travel 1.5 hrs outside the city to the ancient Chunar fortress and surrounding Mughal sites, then visit the palace of Ram Nagar.


Temple of the Sage & Pond of

the Skull Excursion


Temple of

the Sage & Pond of the Skull Visit

3 hr Tour by Vehicle

Two fantastic hard to reach temples on the edge of Varanasi. One named after the great sage Kapila and one named for Brahma’s skull!

Sarnath Pilgrimage


Sarnath Buddhist Pilgrimage

3 hr Tour by Vehicle

Get some fresh air 10km outside the city with us at the ruins of Sarnath, where the Buddha met his five disciples and gave his first sermon!


Ram’s Lila: Ram Nagar Fort

& Temple Trip


Ram’s Lila: Ram Nagar Fort & Temple Trip

3 hr Tour by Vehicle

Ram Nagar is the village of the Kashi Naresh, the Maharajah of Varanasi. A visit to the great Durga Temple, Sumeru Devi and the palace.